MultiBall Interactive Learning Projection Game System

MultiBall Interactive Learning Projection Game System

MultiBall Interactive Learning Projection Game System


Turn any wall into an Interactive Game & Sports Arena.

MultiBall transforms any wall into a fully immersive interactive experience. The system provides an incredibly fun solution to solve the problem of inactivity in our digital society. It does this in the most creative way using fitness, gaming and education to promote a healthy lifestyle.

MultiBall Games & Applications:

A wide range of games and applications are available for groups of 1 to 20 users, and all ages (young kids to seniors).

MultiBall Interactive Learning Projection Wall Schools


MultiBall educational games combine physical activity and learning to develop skills in math, spelling, geography and more. Your kids will grow: Physical Skills, Cognitive Skills, and Social Skills.

MultiBall Interactive Fitness Games Exercise Wall


MultiBall offers a variety of fitness games which provide a highly engaging and attractive experience to make people move

MultiBall Interactive Sports Wall Soccer Tennis Basketball


To reach your full potential and achieve success MultiBall tests and trains players on reaction-time, field-awareness, precision and it all comes in the form of controlling the ball and making the right pass with perfect timing.

MultiBall Interactive Wall Family Entertainment Centers


Multi-Ball entertainment games are suitable for all ages and skill levels to enjoy sports fun to foster a quality active lifestyle.

MultiPlay Seniors Interactive Game Wall Active Aging


Healthy and fit aging is what everyone wants. For this, it is important to always stay active in motion and to challenge your mind. Train your memory and motor skills at the same time with over 50 interactive games and sports apps

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MultiBall Hardware:

  • MultiBall comes in three different sizes to perfectly fit for any Location. Mini, Club, Pro.
  • Compact design allows the space to be used for multiple activities. MultiBall hardware is mounted on the wall, only the projector needs to be mounted away from the wall.
  • Apart from the projector, all our tech is in one place on the wall, making the system easy to install, and also easy to use in multiple locations where space and flexibility is a premium.
  • MultiBall package consists of the stainless steel console and the sensor frame. The wall behind it is a normal wall painted white. Everything you need to play is included, except the projector, electric and internet.
  • Built in Speakers fill the room with sound to enhance the experience.
  • Projector is required. We offer suggested models or can provide the specifications required.
  • MultiBall comes with a subscription to access all games, training modules, MultiBall Admin and to receive the latest updates and support.

MultiBall Technology:

  • MultiBall enables you to enjoy sports by making it fun, intuitive and with minimum supervision.
  • Precision sensors and motion tracking separate MultiBall from any other company in the industry. The wall uses a highly accurate grid sensor system – NO CAMERAS. In addition a motion tracker picks up movement in front of the screen for body mechanics and additional applications. LEARN MORE.
  • MultiBall is designed with an extremely high focus on reliability and quality: Stainless Steel frame, Industry grade parts.
  • MultiBall is backed by our industry leading 5 Year Warranty.

MultiBall - How to Use:

  • Select games by touching the screen, or controlling remotely through the APP.
  • Competition mode lets you compete locally and globally.
  • Admin login lets you control, and customize your MultiBall system, and any system you own. Includes: Branding, screensaver, Session timers, game selection, analytics, resources, settings, game customization, game playlist creation, advertising your facility.
  • SDK Kit for approved partners to create and develop content.


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MultiBall Games & Applications:

MultiBall comes with 40+ preinstalled Games and Training Apps for every age, fitness and skill level. New engaging content is developed continuously and updated automatically.



MultiBall Admin

Control your MultiBall system with the MultiBall Admin and make the system your own. Your MultiBall Admin page is your operational backbone to run your system with ease and efficiency.

Once you log in, you can set your visual appearance and menu, select games and update your hardware to the newest version. Admin includes a detailed analytic tool where you can analyze usage time and preferences of your users, check the health of each system, control which games are played and when, and follow training videos.


MultiBall Technical Specifications

The Perfect Fit for any Location. MultiBall comes in three different sizes to perfectly match the space requirements of your facility. The system only consists of a stainless steel frame that can be mounted on any flat wall.


MultiBall User Gallery

Our solutions are developed with two goals in mind:
Tackle the inactivity of our society and provide easy fun access to sport for all ages and skill levels.
Increase member acquisition and retention in sports clubs and facilities and engagement in schools.  



MultiBall Videos