MultiBall Interactive Wall for Family Entertainment

MultiBall Interactive Wall for Family Entertainment

MultiBall is a cutting-edge interactive sports and gaming system that combines physical activity with digital entertainment. It revolutionizes traditional sports like soccer, tennis, and table tennis by seamlessly blending motion sensors, augmented reality graphics, and real-time data tracking. Players of all ages can enjoy an immersive experience that fuses the best of both worlds - the excitement of real-world sports and the engagement of digital gaming. MultiBall is your gateway to an exciting new era of play, catering to sports enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.

MultiBall Benefits Include:

  • Generate great ROI
  • Increase traffic
  • Engage customer retention
  • 40+ games suitable for all ages and skill levels

MultiBall sensor frame consists of a highly reliable and precise tracking system that detects all sorts of balls and players movement in real time.

How it works
MultiBall enables you to enjoy sports by making it fun, intuitive and without the need for any explanation or supervision.
Simply touch the wall to reach the menu and pick your favorite game or training module. The first ball on the wall starts the application.

Attract a broad audience
MultiBall comes with 40+ preinstalled Games and guided Apps for every age, fitness and skill level. New engaging content is developed continuously and updated automatically.
Together with our Motion Tracking, all applications are focused on improving athletic and cognitive skills, training hand eye coordination, and to help learn math or other school subjects like geography.
The interactive play has a low entry barrier making it accessible for everybody. The immersive time-based gameplay with increasing levels of difficulty and challenging aspect of leaderboards will motivate your clients to revisit for more fun. Just like a computer game - but physically active.

Control each MultiBall location, track your results and compete on worldwide leaderboards.

Choose your Size:

Mini (11’x8’)
MultiBall Mini is designed for smaller spaces in classrooms, studios, offices, or
lobby’s. Fits in any standard office or room. Whether you like a quick training
session during work, entertain your guest with interactive games, or you want
kids to have fun learning math and geography – everything is possible.

Club (13’x9’)
MultiBall Club is the most versatile size for small to medium size groups. Schools, After-School Programs, Sports Clubs, Fitness Centers utilize this version to provide their users with a complete experience. Engage with entertainment, sports training, fitness programs and Education games

Pro (16’x11’)
MultiBall Pro is developed for large spaces with high demands. The dimensions of the MultiBall Pro allow an efficient, effective, and precise training of all encompassing elements of the applications to improve training and performance for all ages and across all skill levels.

Join the MultiBall Community

    • Entertain. Educate. Engage. Increase your revenue by attracting new audiences of all ages and skill levels
    • Real Gaming - Real Sports. Innovate your business by being part of a growing sports revolution
    • Easy to Use and Robust. Maintenance-free and intuitive usability

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