Axtion (action) n. 1. the most vigorous, productive, or exciting activity in a particular field, area, or group 2. inspiring movement through technology 3. the Intersection (X) of Action & Technology. “Be where the AXTION is”

Why Axtion Tech?

With Axtion Tech, you get the most effective fitness gaming and fitness technology products, backed by the most experienced people in the industry. Our globally connected thought leaders bring a wealth of expertise from diverse backgrounds such as the fitness industry, game development community, and technology leaders. Our proven engagement strategies are derived from their combined expertise and analyses.

Top Rated Fitness Gaming Exergames

The Axtion Tech Difference?

Our evidence-based approach to fitness gaming works. Built on 15+ years of helping thousands of members worldwide attain better fitness outcomes and behavioral change. We are successful only if you and your members are successful. We align with your interests. This is the crux of our Shared Value approach to fitness.

Axtion Technology Support

Nationwide Support Network

Our nationwide network of certified support specialist will help with installation, service, and maintenance.

Our nationwide network of certified personal trainers will assist you to gain valuable knowledge of the products and how to best utilize in your club setting. 

Fitness Gaming Technology Solutions

Our Solutions

Products and solutions for: Children, Kids, Teens, Adults, and Seniors. Our Solutions range from the absolute beginner to the most advanced athletes; from young kids that are developing movement patterns and learning, to tweens developing social fitness; from adults wanting to add a fun, engaging fitness component, to Seniors for cognitive brain fitness. 

Fitness Gaming Technology Industry

Our Markets

Axtion Fitness Games are located in: YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, Salvation Army Kroc Centers, Schools and K-12 Education Centers, After-School Programs, Health Clubs, Healthcare and Wellness, Government Organizations, Senior and Retirement Centers, Hospitality, Corporate Wellness and Family Entertainment. 


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Why Fitness Gaming Technology?
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