Boys & Girls Clubs Play Fitness Games

Boys & Girls Clubs Play Fitness Games

Boys & Girls Clubs Play Fitness Games.

 “Where working out is cool” will be the cornerstones of Boys & Girls Clubs of America with the new MultiBall Interactive Wall. The target market will include:

  • Children and teens who are overweight and/or unfit
  • Children seeking to participate or engage in sports for their first time
  • Children seeking to advance or upgrade their sports performance experience
  • Children seeking playful fun, socialization and camaraderie
  • Children seeking benefits of improved focus, concentration and academic advancement
  • Children seeking support to improve their inner confidence, drive and self-esteem
  • Children who have a specialized need (may be ADHD, have a clinical need, occupational therapy, physical therapy progression, on the autistic spectrum, home schooled, or physically challenged)
  • Parents who want the benefits of the above plus convenience in their busy/daily schedule

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The end product for Boys and Girls Clubs will provide a fun workout experience for kids by using the latest interactive computer game/exercise technology. The facilities will be the place where everyone can have fun, get in shape and meet new friends. It will not matter whether a child is a rising young athlete or someone who just wants more activity in their week, a customized work-out program will be designed to match each individual’s needs.  

The new area will be based in a gym that combines the technology of video games and large screens with sports equipment designed specifically for kids. From the non-athlete to the extremely athletic child, trainers will incorporate their expertise in staying fit with the high energy fun that kids won’t get enough of. From “kid’s night out” to after-school programs and unique birthday parties, kids will leave sweaty, happy and wanting to come back.

The Boys and Girls Clubs are always looking for innovative ways to engage the kids and community and maximize their investment in equipment.

The MultiBall Interactive transforms any Gym or open room into an interactive playground. Boys & Girls Clubs around the country are adding this new fitness game technology that has been installed at thousands of schools by Axtion Technology. Boys & Girls Clubs or America see the potential of the MultiBall Interactive Gym for their after-school and innovative programs designed to empower youth to excel in school, become good citizens and lead healthy, productive lives.

MultiBall Interactive Wall is a state of the art audio visual systems designed for active environments. MultiPlay Interactive systems include a projector, a movement detection camera and a light and sound module to create magical immersive spaces where kids learn better through physical activity.

Aside from educational and activity uses, the MultiBall Interactive Gym system can be used for a variety of purposes, from cinema-quality movie nights to dance parties and professional presentations.

MultiBall Interactive Gym:

MultiBall Interactive Wall Applications:

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  • Edwin Kasanders