MultiBall Interactive Gym Wall for Schools

MultiBall Interactive Gym Wall for Schools

Develop social, cognitive and physical skills with MultiBall Interactive Wall Gym

MultiBall Interactive runs completely without the need of any supervision or staff. Now, the Physical Education teacher can spend time to help individual students with skills and assistance. Simply configure your system to match your target audience and your daily operations the MultiBall Admin and watch everybody having fun without the need for any additional staff. MultiBall is easy to use for everybody using the touch menu and you can even use only foam balls to avoid any injuries when working with all kids.

How can MultiBall help to get kids active?
Children are naturally active. All we need is to give them the perfect platform. Learning is most effective when having fun. All MultiBall educational games teach important skills like math, geography or music while developing motor and social skills. Learning the active way by using your body and mind.

The MultiBall games can be used from the first grade and up. Thanks to the different levels of difficulty, there is something for every child.

Physical Skills
Most of the games have moving targets, a fast-pace gameplay and audio as well as visual elements. And games like monster match just look adorable. Kids love it and the more it visual effects the games has the more they start to move.

Cognitive Skills
Solve a math equation, find the perfect match in memory or remember where a specific country is located – all games require and develop cognitive skills. Combination, conclusion, concentration and even tactical skills.

Social Skills
Single player, one-by-one or team-against-team. Many modes are available. MultiBall will bring powerful experiences to help develop confidence, empathy, self esteem, interpersonal skills, and anxiety and stress reduction.

MultiBall Interactive Gym Wall for Schools





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  • Edwin Kasanders