Stay At Home Therapy Products

Stay At Home Therapy Products

Stay At Home Fitness Gaming Product Choices

During these tough times it is important to take care of those in need. This includes our:

  • Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy patients (OT).
  • Special Needs, Autism, Sensory athletes.
  • Seniors, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, and Active Aging Communities.

Axtion Technology offers products ideal for Home use and residential living facilities.

We Gamify the Products to make them fun & engaging.

Bobo Balance:
Bobos platform integrates mobile app games into traditional fitness and rehab training.

  • Bobo Home is the ultimate balance solution.
  • Bobo Motion is a full body range-of-motion training solution.

PlayBall is a smart therapy ball that allows patient's to play interactive games while performing a variety of rehabilitative ball exercises.

ROXs Fitness Lights can be used by all populations for health, fitness, sports, rehab, and therapy.

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