ROXs Pro Interactive Lights stimulates Brain & Body

ROXs Pro Interactive Lights stimulates Brain & Body

ROXs Pro was developed by A-Champs after 2.5 years of research.

The world's first affordable Interactive Training System that stimulates Brain & Body and makes any kind of training more fun, effective and engaging.

The underlying technology has been used by professional athletes for years already, but until now was not affordable for most of the trainers, coaches and PE teachers. ROXs Pro is here to change that and to revolutionize the way your clients will train.

Based on our survey of hundreds of trainers and coaches who tested and used ROXs Pro the main benefits of our system are:

  • ROXs Pro increases the value of any training as it adds a cognitive as well as neurophysical training element
  • ROXs PRO comes with patented and unique features like:
  • "Body control": to access, train and measure stability and coordination skills.
  • "Multi-sensory stimulation" via visual, audio and haptical triggers.
  • ROXs Pro can be used by people of all ages and fitness level.
  • ROXs Pro increases the engagement athletes by making any kind of workout more fun, interactive and adds variation to the routine.
  • ROXs Pro makes Flash Reflex Training affordable which so far was only available for professional athletes.
  • ROXs Pro gives the possibility to stand out with innovative training technology.
  • ROXs Pro is a tool that allows trainers to 100% focus on their athletes, no more rep counting or signal shouting.
  • ROXs Pro records measurable results and allows to track and compare performance.
  • Combined with a trainers experience and creativity there are unlimited possibilities to train.

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What is Flash Reflex Technology?

Stand out with Flash Reflex 2.0

Flash Reflex Technology has been used by professional athletes for years. Now it's accessible for you to use to improve everything from reaction time to cognitive ability. Your clients, your athletes and you will love ROXs.

Traditional Flash Reflex solutions costs thousands of dollars and cannot be used without several days of training. We have an easy-to-use app that controls the ROXs with added sound and gamification elements to increase fun and versatility. Plus, we built in a patented body-control feature that trains balance and coordination.

Bring any type of training to the next level

Different clients have different needs, ROXs are flexible. Fitness, performance, sport-specific, injury-prevention, rehab, cognitive training or just active play; all are powered by ROXs. For one-on-one sessions or group settings. We have more than 100 training variations available.

Simple setup and app controlled (iOS/Android), wireless charging and adjustable mounting straps. Everything tested according to the highest German standards. Fits in every training bag and affordable for all.

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