Interactive Trampoline Parks

Interactive Trampoline Parks

Axtion Technology provides commercial indoor trampoline equipment and interactive play solutions.

Through our partnership with MultiPlay & World Play Solutions, we excel in creating combination Trampoline activity areas with Interactive Fitness Games for all ages.

Trampoline Park Buiders: We design, build, and install Trampoline park equipment for FEC (Family Entertainment Centers), leisure centers, and fitness centers. Whatever the size of your facility, we can create a fun and feature-packed installation that will keep visitors coming through the door.

Our trampoline park structures are of modular construction and this allows the equipment to be re-arranged or upgraded in a straightforward and cost effective manner.

If your project is a combination facility Axtion Tech is well placed to handle this. We also build and install indoor play structures, ninja warrior training courses, climbing and bouldering walls, as well as parkour courses.

Our range of Interactive Fitness Games offer the perfect complement to engage your guests with a unforgettable experience at your facility. You will separate yourself from others and encourage users to come back again.

Playgrounds, Soft Play Areas, Climbing Walls, Trampoline Parks, and Parkour / Ninja Obstacle Courses. Combine these top activity zone products with our engaging interactive games and create a complete experience.

Trampoline Park Interactive Fitness Gaming products include:

Trampoline Park / FEC / Activity Park Product Collection


Trampoline Park Zones / Bowling Centers / Laser Tag Arena / Entertainment Centers / Shopping Malls / Hospitality and Resorts / YMCA / Health Clubs /

PARK ELEMENTS INCLUDE: Jump Arena, Dodge Ball, Slam Dunk, Tumble Track, Air Bag, Stunt Box, Gladiator Beams, Hanging Bags, Climbing Walls. Parkour course, race timers,

Our Trampoline structures are modular built allowing to scale to fit any size. They are made in Europe to high quality and safety standards.

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