Icaros is a Superman-style workout which combines exercise with VR gaming.

Icaros is a Superman-style workout which combines exercise with VR gaming.

Icaros promotes a core workout, which improves balance and stability. Users place their knees, elbows and forearms into foam-padded cups, then don a VR headset and grab a handle with each hand. They mostly use the abdomen, back and leg muscles to tilt the device to navigate while flying or diving; a hand controller lets them fire at targets during the game. A Bloomberg reporter managed to work up a sweat after about 10 minutes on the medium setting, with the rigorousness roughly equivalent to a plank exercise.

ICAROS combines fitness and virtual reality to create exciting and effective exercise experiences.
The pilot is using balance, coordination, core muscle tension and reaction to steer through three dimensional virtual worlds. We call it Active VR. You can either fly over mountains, challenge your opponents in air races, shoot down drones, dive with sea creatures, protect the reef from evil submarines or jump out of an orbiting satellite to Earth. New games are continually being created.

By creating different game levels we can adjust to the pilot’s abilities. Each game strengthens core, improves balance and coordination. Currently ICAROS has released a new game called ICARACE. It will be a global racing series in an online-based multiplayer setup. People and teams from all over the world will be able to race against each other – and work out at the same time.

Designed to make workouts more effective and engaging, the Icaros helps improve the user's strength, reflexes and balance. It lets users navigate through virtual environments using only their movements on the Icaros machine to determine their path in different virtual games and measures all their movements with the Icaros controller, attached to the device's handlebar. Icaros consists of the Icaros device itself, the controller with integrated sensors, a VR headset, and an app.


Setting up the Icaros

The ICAROS setup is wireless, quick and easy. The system includes the ICAROS device, controller and a VR headset. Choose from mindblowing VR experiences such as flying, diving or free falling.

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The Icaros

TThe gyroscopic design of the ICAROS Pro allows three dimensional movements to create a unique and incredibly immersive way to interact with virtual worlds.

VR Headset

A wireless or wired head mounted display to experience the fascination of ICAROS virtual reality games. Currently ICAROS apps are released for Samsung Gear VR with S6, S7 and S8 smartphones as well as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

VR Game

Alone or in multiplayer, in the sky, underwater, on the racetrack or in space. ICAROS offers unique experiences and provides a SDK for external developers. All experiences feature several difficulty levels and durations optimized for the use in fitness or entertainment environments.


The ICAROS controller is attached to the handlebar and measures all movements on the ICAROS. Precise, ergonomic and wireless it is the link to the virtual world.


The wireless gaming system includes a handlebar-mounted control unit that tracks movements and connects with the game running on a PC or smartphone. Flip the virtual reality headset down (the system works with both Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR headsets) and you're transported into a digital world where you can fly and float with ease. The Icaros machine lets you slide your legs and arms, tilt forward and backward, and roll from side to side, controlling your in-game movements and working out in the process.

Icaros provides a comprehensive workout of muscle groups: neck, chest, shoulders, abs, quads and more. Icaros VR Fitness Gaming can help with balance, concentration and reflexes.


  • Space Requirements: The space should be at least 1,50m x 2,50m (4,9 ft x 8,2 ft) 
  • Product Footprint/Size: 98 cm x 176 cm (38,5″ x 69,3″) 
  • Weight of ICaros: 120kg (265 lbs) 
  • Users Minimum Age: 14 years 
  • Users Maximum Weight: 243 Lbs (110kg) 
  • VR Headsets: All ICAROS experiences are released for Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. 
  • The ICAROS FLIGHT software includes multiplayer functionality (2 players). Software: The ICAROS FLIGHT software comes with every ICAROS system. New experiences, such as DEEP or GRAVITY are released regularly. Check our youtube account icarosflight for trailers. 


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  • Edwin Kasanders