Axtion definition

axtion (action) n. 1. the most vigorous, productive, or exciting activity in a particular field, area, or group 2. inspiring movement through technology 3. the Intersection (X) of Action & Technology. “Be where the AXTION is”

Axtion Technology inspires movement through fun activity. We do this by creating experiences that transform fitness and exercise into entertainment.

Axtion can be described as video games that make you sweat. The player is so wrapped up in the entertainment and fun factor of the game that they do not realize they are exercising.

Axtion Logo represents the intersection (X) of Action or Movement, with Technology, Games, and Fun.

Axtion characteristics include: Axtion Tech, Axtion Technology, Axtion Fitness, Axtion Fitness Gaming, Axtion Exer Gaming, Axtion Exer Game, Axtion Entertainment, Axtion Interactive.

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  • Edwin Kasanders