Why does the Boys & Girls Clubs choose Fitness Games like the MultiBall Interactive Gym?

Why does the Boys & Girls Clubs choose Fitness Games like the MultiBall Interactive Gym?
The Boys & Girls Clubs of America will host the annual BGCA National Conference this week. The Boys and Girls Clubs are always looking for innovative ways to engage the kids and community and maximize their investment in equipment.

The MultiBall Interactive transforms any Gym or open room into an interactive playground. Boys & Girls Clubs around the country are adding this new fitness game technology that has been installed at thousands of schools by Axtion Technology. Boys & Girls Clubs or America see the potential of the MultiBall Interactive Gym for their after-school and innovative programs designed to empower youth to excel in school, become good citizens and lead healthy, productive lives.

MultiBall Interactive Gym is a state of the art audio visual systems designed for active environments. MultiBall systems include a projector and highly advanced sensor movement detection frame.

Aside from educational and activity uses, the MultiBall Interactive Gym system can be used for a variety of purposes, from cinema-quality movie nights to dance parties and professional presentations.


Axtion Technology provides fitness game solutions based around digital games that get you fit. The Fitness Game concept uses interactive activities and programming to enhance both physical and neurological development while making fitness fun and delivering a quick return on investment.
  • Offer a highly marketable new fitness concept that attracts kids of all ages and a solution to “Childhood Inactivity and Obesity” in your community.
  • Send kids home happy, exhausted and wanting to come back for more because it’s fun, social, motivating and gets great results.
  • Experience a significant and quick return on your investment.
  • Provide a unique environment to foster development of balance, proprioception, motor and sports skills.
  • Use a play format to address and repair inactivity induced neurological disorders such as coordination and motor delays, ADHD/ADD, LD, dyslexia as well as self-esteem issues.
  • Differentiate your business from the competition.
Axtion Technology is a single source interactive fitness company with unique programs and services that go the extra mile for you.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America
For more than 150 years, Boys & Girls Clubs of America has enabled young people most in need to achieve great futures as productive, caring, responsible citizens. Today, 4,300 Clubs serve 4 million young people through Club membership and community outreach. They provide a safe place, caring adult mentors, fun and friendship, and high-impact youth development programs on a daily basis during critical non-school hours. Club programs promote academic success, good character and citizenship, and healthy lifestyles.

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