Therapy & Senior Living Use for Swift Touch Senaptec

Therapy & Senior Living Use for Swift Touch Senaptec

Swift Touch Senaptec provides functional and brain fitness training games for seniors, active aging, and boomers.

The fundamental goal of any fitness program is to help prepare individuals for the challenges of every day life by providing the core skills and knowledge for them to be physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Swift Touch Senaptec programming assists in accomplishing these goals by applying the key principal that, while developing their skills and increasing their competence, individuals are more motivated and successful the more they derive enjoyment and satisfaction from movement. Using interactive fitness technology and games, Reaction Pro Trainer sessions are based on games that naturally promote fun, social interaction, and exercise in a venue that requires active participation.

The Swift Touch Senaptec’s diverse programming is designed to make fitness, rehab and sports training more fun, engaging, challenging, and inclusive than traditional forms of exercise and therapy training.


Assessment is an important aspect of today’s fitness programs. Reaction Pro Trainer allows an individual’s performance to be tracked, showing progress and measurable results over a period of time. Instructors can use trends in scores to show individuals progress and how much improvement has taken place. It is an excellent tool to show participants that they are improving.

Brain Fitness Training Program. The Swift Touch Senaptec Brain Fitness training program is a 10 Session program that users follow. The general protocol can be adapted for each facilities preference. In general the program is: 10 separate sessions, each session is three 1 Minute games. After the 10 Sessions, users can go on a Brain Fitness maintenance program.

Areas of Application:
  • Stimulation and improvement of motor and sensomotor skills
  • Regulation and improvement of muscle tone
  • Training of coordination, gross and fine motor skills, securing of mobility
  • Development of physical mobility and physical skills
  • Improvement of physical endurance
  • Reaction training
  • For gathering and evaluation of results, analysis of individual progress, applicable to long-term studies.


Coordination & Assessment:
The interaction of the peripheral, central nervous system and skeletal muscles.
Through this, impulses should reach the corresponding muscles within a
sequence of movements, which are coordinated in terms of time strength and
With Swift Touch Senaptec we can differentiate between:
Ability to orientate / Rhythm / Balance / Responsiveness / Ability to make connections (connecting sub-movements) / Ability to differentiate / Adaptability / Upper limb coordination

Cognition Training:
The general term for the processes and products of perception, recognition, reasoning, concluding, judgment, memory, etc.

The Swift Touch Senaptec challenges the user to improve mental processes by performing tasks which involve moving the upper and/or lower body. The training is divided into a right and left side.

Flexibility & Mobility
The ability to make arbitrary and selective movements with the necessary and optimal oscillation width of the involved joints.” 

The Swift Touch Senaptec aim is training to achieve the full range of leg and hip joint motion.

Vision Training: Improve communication between the brain and the images captured by the eyes, thus improving the speed and efficiency which an athlete process’s information.

Visual Memory: The ability for the eyes and the brain to communicate efficiently with accuracy and speed can be enhanced as athletes train their visual memory. Great performers are not only able to see things clearer, but they are able to pick up important visual cues at a fraction of a second and be able to cognitively process the best course of motor action to initiate an effective response.

Eye Hand Coordination and Reaction: How quickly and accurately an athlete's muscles react to the visual input from the eyes often determines how successful a performer can be. Since the sporting environment is dynamic, an athlete's ability to synchronize fine motor movement indicates their level of proficiency and skill.

Dynamic Visual Acuity: An athlete’s clarity of vision needs to be accurate while an athlete is moving or tracking a moving object. Improving dynamic visual acuity will help improve reaction speed where an athlete must react constantly to visual cues as well as endurance since the eye muscles can fatigue rapidly when tracking for extended periods of time.

Brain Training Areas of Application:

  • MAP Training (Combination of physical and mental training)
  • Executive Function Training (solving problems, maintaining attention, and inhibiting emotional impulses)
  • Cognition (processes and products of perception, recognition, reasoning, concluding, judgement, memory, etc.)

About Swift Touch Senaptec
Swift Touch Senaptec is designed to train reflexes and reaction with a high-tech design and user tracking. Professionals use Swift Touch to reinforce cognitive capacity and neural stimulation, keeping the brain fit, in addition to aerobic exercise and motor exercise. From sports centers to kids fitness applications the Swift Touch is great for all ages and ability levels.

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