MultiBall Interactive Gym is Great for Kids with Autism, Special Education

MultiBall Interactive Gym is Great for Kids with Autism, Special Education
The MultiBall Interactive Gym is an engaging fitness technology gaming system that turns an ordinary wall into an experience for all children, teens, and adults. The MultiBall uses colorful lights and sounds to transform the space into a learning fun center that can be customized for a user’s needs. It comes installed with 30 interactive games in several categories: math, spelling, geography, health, physical fitness, sports activities, puzzles, timers, etc. The MultiBall Interactive Wall is unique as it can be customized to fit all activity and ability levels making it one of the most inclusive systems available. Why is this important and how can it help? Finding a tool that can engage, teach, motivate, and physically improve children and adults of all different ability levels is hard. The MultiBall nteractive Wall is your answer. Check out the research below!

According to Daniel Coury, MD, medical director of Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (AS-ATN) and a developmental-behavioral pediatrician with Nationwide Children’s Hospital, in Columbus, Ohio. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is one of 17 AS-ATN centers across the United States and Canada. One study “found clear improvements in these areas after just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise”, another showed “improved behavior, thinking skills and school performance after 20 minutes of exercise in children with or without ADHD. In the second study, the children with ADHD also showed improved self-control and decreased impulsive behavior.” More complete information on these studies can be found at:

Now that we know the MultiBall Interactive Gym is a great tool for getting everyone engaged and more active, let’s talk about how to make it more inclusive! The MultiBall Interactive Gym allows you to custom select games that you would like to play with the capability adjust the lights and sound settings for individuals who may have sensitivity. The games can be played by touching the wall with your hands or throwing/hitting the wall with an object that is recorded by a sensor above. That being said, it can be played from a standing or sitting position. The MultiBall can be played in a large group or in groups of two to four teams depending on the game making it helpful for socialization. Additionally, the MultiBall system can add a Streaming Stick making it multi purposed for your school/club/gym’s needs. The possibilities are limitless.

I have noticed since having the MultiBall a lot of my special needs kids gravitate to the MultiBall. It’s immersive experience and hands on activities is very enticing to almost all kids. Sometimes the environment can be a little too much for some, but MultiBall’s customizable options can reduce noise, and the lights as well to make it fitting for all students. The kids really like the video game environment, they hardly even know they are practicing different PE skills while playing the games!  Houston TX

Check out how this school is using the MultiBall to motivate their students:


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