Sponsor your Fitness Game Purchase

Sponsor your Fitness Game Purchase
Funding a Fitness Game Through Sponsorships

If you have made the decision that Fitness Gaming should be part of the daily activities in your facility – but funds are limited, don’t worry! This package will guide and assist you in the quest for the appropriate sponsorships.

What is Sponsorship all about?
Sponsorship is about enrolling members of the community in supporting the vision and message of a program or activity through providing the financial assistance to make it happen. In return, the sponsor gains recognition for supporting the vision.

Does your facility need Sponsorship?
Sponsorship is an option to receive financial assistance to pay for the equipment you need. It is an opportunity to look at sponsorship opportunities as an additional revenue stream that can be used to grow the program or other programs and activities.

Who could you approach as possible sponsors?
This is all about finding “the perfect match”. Look for partners that are either interested in reaching the audience of your school or club members or are concerned about improving the health and wellness of the youth in your community. Find partners that would like to support and be seen to support programs that are designed to increase the awareness of the health and fitness levels of our nation.
  1. CORPORATIONS - Remember, corporations save money when they employ healthy individuals. Large employers in your area may be the ideal sponsorship partners for your system.
  2. VENDORS / SUPPLIERS – approach vendors and suppliers to your club that would like to increase their advertising exposure with club members.
  3. LOCAL BUSINESSES – partner with local businesses that are interested in reaching and audience represented by your club members (e.g. lawyers, accountants, etc.)
  4. FOUNDATIONS – approach foundations in your area that are committed to improving health and well- being of youth.
How to package and price fitness gaming sponsorships?
How to package and price the sponsorship opportunity depends on the market and the comfort level of the individual seeking the sponsorships. The actual sponsorship package for your facility could include – but is not limited to one of the following ideas or combinations thereof:
  1. Charge a one-time flat fee for the full amount from one party (Individual – One-time)
  2. Charge a flat fee for 1/3 of the amount from one party per year for three consecutive years (Individual – Multiple times)
  3. Split the total value of the Fitness Gaming system, plus additional shipping and extras over the number of stations being purchased. Charge a one-time flat fee per station and seek as many sponsors as stations are available (Group – One-time)
  4. Charge a flat fee per year per station and seek as many sponsors as stations are available. This allows your facility to renew and resell the advertising space on an annual basis while keeping a continuous revenue stream (Group – Multiple times)
Present them with the possible exposure they will get. How many users do you have? What is estimated of views per day or month? Who else outside the facility will see the Sponsor? (Events, parties, meetings, etc.)

Example: $25,000 Sponsorship.
  • Fitness Gaming Sponsorship that includes 2-3 products in the general open area of the facility (Everyone sees it and engages with the product), and in the young kids / childcare facility (Parents of Kids see when dropping off and picking up kids).
  • Estimate to have 5,000 members or users. Daily Traffic amount of 500. Exposure to either product is 250 views per day. Estimate another 100 new viewers per month for events, and 100 new viewers per month for meetings and parties.
  • Total Impressions Per month: 7,500. Sponsorship per user per month: $3.33. Per Year: $0.28
  • Total Unique Impressions Per month: 2,700 Sponsorship per user per month: $9.26. Per Year: $0.77
  • These numbers are conservative and show a relatively small advertising cost per targeted user.
What will the sponsor receive for the sponsorship fee?
The sponsor will receive exposure of its company name and/or logo on the Fitness Gaming system. The exposure will be in the form of a logo decal that is located on the product of each station that they are sponsoring for the period of time agreed to. In some cases, we can add branding to the software also. For “one-party” sponsors we suggest placing their logo on all stations. In addition, we suggest you include the sponsors’ names and/or logos in other promotional activities that your facility is pursuing.

I have found sponsors – what is the next step?
You have found a sponsor(s) and all parties have agreed on the sponsorship content. What’s next?
  1. Contact Axtion Fitness Games and purchase your Fitness Gaming system – if not already done so. Let us know that you are working with sponsors and will require sponsor logos.
  2. Acquire the sponsors’ logo in either of the following formats: eps; jpeg; tiff.
  3. Collect sponsors’ funds.
  4. Submit the sponsors’ logos and the required quantities to Axtion Fitness Games together with your PO or if you have already purchased your system please reference your PO number.
  5. Axtion Fitness Gaming will create logo decals that are easily placed on the system. The charge for logos is according to the current price list.

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  • Edwin Kasanders