Dynavision D2 for Athletic Sports Performance

Dynavision D2 for Athletic Sports Performance

The Dynavision D2 is a high-performance evaluation and training device that records patient responses to visual, gross motor, and neurocognitive tasks.

The D2 has emerged as a standard device in neuro and vestibular rehabilitation. The incorporation of physical movement and cognitive processing makes it a natural fit for vestibular therapy applications.

dynavision vision reaction training

The DynaVision D2 Light Board was developed to improve the Visuomotor skills of athletes in all sports including: soccer, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, boxing, karate, and basketball. The DynaVision Reactive Sports Vision Training program provides athletes with a fun and novel approach to Visual Training. Athletes participating in this program quickly see a wide range of benefits, namely:

  • Improved Mental Decision Making
  • Improved Eye Hand Coordination
  • Improved Reaction Times
  • Increased efficiency to absorb visual information
  • under a variety of cognitive demands.
  • Improved Speed and Span of Recognition
  • Improved Anticipation and Visual Reaction
  • Improved Concentration under stress and fatigue
  • Improved Peripheral Awareness
  • Improved Dynamic Visual Acuity
  • Improved Visual Tracking
  • Improved Mental Stamina resulting  in less mental mistakes
  • Baseline Concussion Testing to use objective standards to help coordinate return to play after a concussion

dynavision vision reaction training

The D2 offers four modes for training, assessment and intervention, and tracks users' progress to provide them with reaction time scores, target hit rate, and detailed information for each target and each quadrant to reveal any visual deficit areas. This is particularly useful to athletes because training with the device helps them improve their field vision, response time and multiple object tracking, as well as to avoid blind side hits. The D2 training programs are specific to different sports and positions, and can be customised for athletes of all levels.

dynavision vision reaction training

The D2 light board contains 64 raised light switches arranged in five rings, which is mounted on a wall. You will stand in front of the wall as the switches light up in two color options and beep when pressed, allowing you to see the light, feel the button, and hear the sound.

Your basic task will be to hit switches with your hands as they light up. You may be instructed to hit only specific colors, and you may or may not have audible reinforcement.

Athletic Performance

The Dynavision D2 light board measures performance and records the data to track improvement. Training on the D2 improves reaction times, visual-motor coordination, and peripheral visual awareness. By improving these skills, the user makes better, faster, smarter decisions.

D2 training can help a quarterback see the whole field while focused on the downfield receivers. Baseball batters process the pitched ball’s movement more quickly, resulting in more hits. The Dynavision D2 training routines are customizable, with sport-specific programs for athletes of every level.

Athletes are using Dynavision to improve their coordination and aid in concussion recovery.

dynavision vision reaction training

Developed by Dynavision International, the Dynavision D2 has proven effective in a number of areas, including sports vision training, stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation and concussion prevention. It is used by neurologists, physical therapists, athletic trainers and military and tactical professionals around the world.

dynavision vision reaction training

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  • Edwin Kasanders