Asuzu Reflex: Rehabilitation & Therapy

Asuzu Reflex: Rehabilitation & Therapy


A multifunctional medical, therapy and rehabilitation interactive touch wall provides a fantastic movement based workout across numerous applications. A great focal point for your facility keeps clients engaged, improving outcomes and sustainability.

Areas of Application:

  • Stimulation and improvement of motor and sensomotor skills
  • Regulation and improvement of muscle tone
  • Training of coordination, gross and fine motor skills,
  • securing of mobility
  • Development of physical mobility and physical skills
  • Improvement of physical endurance
  • Reaction training
  • For gathering and evaluation of results, analysis of individual progress, applicable to long-term studies.


Areas of Application:

  • Autism Spectrum
  • ADHD, Attention
  • Beahavior Integration
  • Sensory Needs
  • Cognitive tasks
  • Downs Syndrome


Areas of Application:

  • MAP Training (Combination of physical and mental training)
  • Executive Function Training (solving problems, maintaining attention, and inhibiting emotional impulses)
  • Cognition (processes and products of perception, recognition, reasoning, concluding, judgement, memory, etc.)


COGNITION (Example for upper limb cognition)

The aim of this training is to improve mental processes by performing tasks which involve moving the upper limbs. The training is divided into a right and left side. While one side receives constantly changing colored lights, from which only the red ones are to be hit off, on the other side, two color pairs are displayed for two seconds, and they are to be located again after they go out. Through this split task, different brain structures are activated in both sides of the brain. All programs are divided into a left and a right side, and can be run by large and smaller people.

Medical Therapy:

With the help of the Reflex, coordination, reaction rate, accuracy of movements and endurance can be trained and measured. In the medical domain it is possible to implement client-specific training tasks to achieve the individual objectives of each person. The Asuzu Reflex is an ideal supplement and a great possibility to assess the training condition and efficiency, especially for types of movement that demand a quick sequence and accuracy of movements.

Prevention & Rehabilitation:

Exercises on the Reflex Trainercan be combined with cognitive tasks by integrating different colors and acoustic signals. That is the reason that the Asuzu Reflex can be used wherever movements are to be initiated or where movements will activate certain areas of the brain or the nervous system. That particularly refers to the rehabilitation of limited mobility and of limited ability to respond caused by neurological reasons.

Coordination & Reaction:

Coordination (physiology) means the harmonious co-action of all muscles. The coordination of a certain course of movements can specifically be trained at the Asuzu Reflex Touch Wall. Muscles, receptors, tendons and joints that are all part of a movement can be trained to achieve a more optimal interaction. During the execution of the exercise, it is possible to take the time to assess and to improve the reaction rate.

Mobilization / Behavior Therapy / ADHD

Our time is characterized by a lack of exercise, a monotony of movements and stress. At the same time, we do have an oversupply of energy. The effect of that imbalance can very obviously be noticed in children and teenagers. Since it is possible to use the Asuzu Reflex in a playful competition, it is an excellent way to support active mobilization and therefore, to avoid imbalances.




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