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Lu interactive playground uses lights, sounds and video to transform any space into an engaging, immersive Education and Physical Activity video game.

Lu Interactive UNO 

Lu Interactive Training Video Series.

Lu Interactive Training Video Series

Lu Interactive Uno / Duo Installation Guide

Lu Interactive Quick Start Guide


Lu Interactive Keyboard Shortcuts

Lu Interactive Keyboard



Lu Interactive Uno / Duo Installation Guide

Lu Interactive Uno Duo Installation Guide


Lu Interactive Uno Duo Onboarding Training (Contact Us)

 Lu Interactive Uno Duo Onboarding Training


Lu Interactive MOBILE

Lu Interactive Mobile Assembly Tutorial.


Lu Interactive Mobile User Guide

 Lu Interactive Mobile User Manual Guide


Lu Interactive Mobile Onboarding Training (Contact Us)

Lu Interactive Mobile Onboarding Training



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Lu Interactive Education, Fitness Games, Streaming Content demo:

 Lu 2.0 Release:

LU Case Study: Houston TX Schools. South Belt Elementary, Pasadena School District. Jason Watson - Lu Ambassador.  

LU Interactive 2.0 Release Video.  

LU Case Study: District 49 Schools, Peyton CO.  Impact on PE teaching & cross-curriculum integration

LU Case Study: Danville VA Schools. Johnson Elementary in VA is using the Lu Gym to booster student health and academic achievement.

LU Case Study: Baltimore MD Schools. “The Lü impacts my teaching through the ability to provide educational content in other academic subjects, matching that with physical education outcomes.”

LU Case Study: Rockford IL Schools. “We knew in the decision making process that this was not just about bringing a projection system into the gyms, we knew it was about addressing the whole child. This is social-emotional learning, it’s the physical attached to the academic."

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Lu Interactive Uno Lu Interactive Mobile Lu Interactive Duo 2.0 

Lu Images in Action: