Lu Interactive Learning Projection Game System

Lu Interactive Learning Projection Game System

Lü is an interactive playground that uses lights, sounds and video to transform any space into an engaging, immersive video game.

Lu Interactive and similar games improve children’s agility and coordination, give them the daily dose of exercise they need and, like other types of fitness activities, active games have been known to improve children’s academic performance. However, unlike many other forms of exercise that are just as good for them, fitness gaming / active gaming is also an activity that children tend to enjoy. Because Fitness Games are designed to engage kids in a video game, one that requires them to perform physical tasks in order to score points and move from one level to the next, children tend to take to them pretty quickly.

  • Improved fitness level and physical skills
  • Weight loss
  • Academics
  • Social Benefits


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We believe our technology can be a game changer and have a deep impact on children across your community.

Lü engages children physically, intellectually and on the social-emotional level, supporting health and wellness objectives as much as curricular ones. Lü further creates unique interactions between educators from different subject matters through compelling educational content, allowing cross-curriculum initiatives and development within the school.

Our systems are currently deployed in thousands of schools, non-profits and significant positive outcomes on attendance and motivation have been observed with every installation.



Lu Interactive Uno Lu Interactive Mobile Lu Interactive Duo 2.0 

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