Interactive Education Tablet: Fun Table & Fun Board

Fun Table & Fun Board Interactive Learning Tablet

Interactive game table for kids and seniors. Loaded with content for: Education, Learning, Memory, Creativity and Teamwork. Ages K-12 or Adult. Play together to point, draw, click around and search for information.

Wholesome Digital Experience. 
Giant, robust multi-touch tablets. Designed for collaborative, engaging digital experiences and built to deliver superior education and entertainment possibilities.

Giant Multi Touch Screen.  
Fits well in a wide range of indoor environments and is commonly used in schools, museums, libraries, elderly homes, shopping centers, hotels, waiting rooms, hospitals, and airports.

Multi-user digital experience. Encourages users to Collaborate, Engage, and Interact. Case studies from schools show a significant increase in student engagement, collaboration, and learning.

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Software Overview:

Weco Play: Collection of learning games and activities designed to enable several users to play and learn together. By using a shared device it can motivate learning, facilitate communication and collaboration.

Weco Play consists of more than 30 games for children from 3 to 13 years old to play on a large format touchscreen and are based on principles of collaborative and active learning.

EdUp: Education software Developed with schools, museums and learning centers in mind, EdUp offers engaging teaching solutions that promote collaborative learning and interaction.

EdUp Live: Web-based application that allows teachers to create and customize themed activities to meet the needs of any kid or group. Easy to use and set up, allows up to four users to simultaneously interact and collaborate.

PlayEd: Brain Fitness and Education software with a focus on apps that engage and entertain.

Google Play Store: In addition to Manico’s exclusive software offerings, you can download your favorite apps and games directly from the Google Play store.


Fun Table: Stable and robust table with a 32" multi touch screen.

Fun Board: Giant and robust 32" multi touch screen that can be used on a table, floor or mounted to a wall.

Fun Board Senior Touch Pad: Giant and robust 32" multi touch screen that can be used on a table, or mounted to a wall.


 School Testimonial:

Weco Play Software:

Senior Brain Fitness:


Playful design
Engaging content

Intuitive and easy to use by both kids, teachers, and parents, Manico’s products are a natural progression in the digitalization of education. Embraced by schools, museums, and learning centers, our products are loved and trusted worldwide.

Interact and collaborate

Several children can simultaneously point, draw, click around and search for information.

Not just another screen and unlike other tablets, our solutions bring kids and teachers together to engage, interact and collaborate in a wholesome digital learning environment packed with endless possibilities.


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WHY Fun Table & Fun Board?

Through its accessible design and software offerings, FunTable enables joyful learning, collaboration and movement.

What makes Manico’s FunTable unique is that several children can simultaneously point, draw, click around and interact with the on screen content. It is stable and robust and can sustain children’s playful handling and therefore fits well in indoor environments where children gather and play.

FunTable enables and promotes joyful learning and inclusive playfulness. Children are engaged, stimulated and challenged in educational programs and games.
FunTable is the perfect companion in the digitization of preschools and schools.

FunTable fits well in a wide range of indoor environments and is commonly used in preschools, schools, museums, libraries, shopping centers, lobbies and waiting rooms, hospitals, and airports, to name a few.


Fun Table Interactive Education Tablet Fun Board Interactive Education Tablet Fun Board Senior Interactive Learning Tablet Fun Board with Floor Stand Interactive Touch