Brain Fitness Products

Brain Training Products by Axtion Technology are interactive solutions that use LED lights and Sensors to guide targeted movements and offer users fun training sessions that improve their reaction time, coordination, and mobility. The devices use different programs, making it possible to combine different functions and cognitive tasks in reaction training.

Benefits: Coordination / Reaction / Cognitive Tasks / Accuracy of movements / Cognitive and Physical Endurance / Eye Hand Coordination / Visual Training / Visual Memory / Flexibility and Mobility 

Brain Fitness Outcomes:

  • MAP Training (Combination of physical and mental training)
  • Executive Function Training (Solving problems, maintaining attention, and inhibiting emotional impulses)
  • Cognition Training (perception, recognition, reasoning, reasoning, concluding, judgement, memory)

Axtion Tech has worked with hundreds of locations to enhance Brain Fitness programs through the use of effective Fitness Game Technology.

For years, Dynavision has been a well-known company for visual, cognitive, and motor assessment. Dynavision is used as a sports training and neuro-cognitive rehabilitation device, the D2 is used by athletes and hospitals alike.


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