School Fitness Games

Social Interaction based games for physical activity. Transform your space into an engaging, immersive experience for all students. Fitness Game Technology can improve: Physical Activity, Social Interaction, Academic success.

Research has shown that video games improve a number of factors that are vital to children’s academic performance, including their attention capacity, problem solving skills, pattern recognition, task switching ability, hypothesis testing, and estimation among other things. Physical activity, on the other hand, is known to improve cognitive skills in children and adolescents, including their perceptual and verbal skills, developmental level, and even their intelligence quotient. This is why exercise is vital for children and adolescents, as it affects how their brain develops and has a longer lasting effect compared to the one fitness activities have on adults and seniors.

Like other vigorous physical activities, fitness gaming / active gaming is known to improve academic performance among students by building new neurological connections that enhance memory, learning and critical thinking. Schools that have introduced fitness gaming / active gaming to their activities have recorded a grade average increase by 1.5 grades, reading scores 17% higher than the state average, and math scores 18% better than the state average. As an aside, schools that use Fitness Games to boost their students’ activity level in the morning are seeing a significant decrease in tardiness.

The level of fitness that results from fitness gaming / active gaming and other forms of aerobic exercise enhances neurological and physiological mechanisms, increases neurotransmitter availability and cerebral circulation, and these processes lead to an improved cognitive performance. With Axtion Fitness Games, children also benefit from an improved attention capacity, better processing skills and task-switching ability. All these factors can and often do result in a better performance at school.

School Fitness Games

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