Health Club Impact Products

Health Clubs missing out if they are not using fitness technology to enhance their program. There is no better product to encourage a community than playing a competitive game. Whether you are playing to improve your own score, as part of a team, or just for some fun motivation these products will make an immediate impact at your club. Since you need to move to play, your members will be completely surprised at the workout they get, and the cognitive benefits of the games.

A Fitness impact product is the T-Wall due to is simplicity of use and engaging gameplay. Built like a tank it is made to be used and abused by members of all ages and all abilities. Dozens of exercises can be performed on the T-Wall and included games, or create your own programs.

A Game impact product would be the new I-Wall for its immersive game play and high-quality graphics. The I-Wall is sure to make an immediate positive impression on any visitor, and the fun active game play will keep users coming back for more.

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Health Club Impact Products

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