YMCA Offers Technology-Driven Fitness Solution Using Video Games

YMCA Offers Technology-Driven Fitness Solution Using Video Games

Dane County YMCA in Madison, Wisconsin opens first Interactive Fitness Game room – MultiBall Interactive Gym, in Wisconsin.

The Dane County YMCA has three YMCA locations serving Madison and Sun Prairie Wisconsin.  The YMCA installed the MultiBall Interactive Gym that offers video game driven activities for youth and families. 

This cutting edge environment is focused on offering the tech-savvy and gamers an immersive sensory based experience complete with the most advanced interactive games, entertainment systems, and fitness gaming products that motivate users to be physically active and social. 

The addition of the MultiBall Interactive Gym Wall supports the YMCA’s mission to provide community-building experience for life and further enhances the appeal to the communities, families and youth.  The MultiBall Interactive is a great alternative to traditional exercise and sports that has been successfully with getting people, youth, and gamers active!  “We are very excited to be working with the YMCA’s because of their commitment to quality and their mission with families, communities and youth,” states Ed Kasanders, CEO of Axtion Technology, the distributors of the MultiBall Interactive Wall.

The MultiBall Interactive Gym uses lights, sounds and video to transform any open space into an engaging, immersive video game playground.

Besides a truly unique physical activity experience, the MultiBall Interactive Gym can be used for multiple events at the YMCA because of the dynamic projection, lighting and sound. These include: Youth Nights, Family Fitness events, Summer camps, Sports events, Theater/Assemblies, Movies and Education.

Many YMCA locations across the country use the MultiBall Wall for Senior Fitness classes, Women’s Boot Camps, interactive on-demand fitness classes and as lighting and sound for classes like Yoga.

In addition to the MultiBall Interactive Gym, the Dane County YMCA also installed the Beam Projection Game system, and the FunBoard Education Tablet in the childcare rooms.

The Beam Interactive Projector is a gaming solution that turns any floor or wall into an immersive, active and highly addictive fitness gaming experience for kids ages 2 and up. The Beam projector casts one of the hundreds of exclusive games onto the surface, while advanced optical motion sensors allow kids and adults alike to play with swipes, taps and gestures along with the immersive speakers. You need to move to play the games!

The FunBoard is an interactive game table for children. It’s just like a tablet, but bigger and better.  The Funboard can be laid on a table, used on the floor, or mounted on a wall. Children are drawn to the engaging content and get quickly absorbed in the games and the will to explore. What makes the Gaming Touch Table unique is that several children can simultaneously point, draw, click around and search for information and it promotes their collective learning

“The Dane County YMCA has evolved into a hub of positive activity for the members of its community, and it’s a place where people of all ages come together to strengthen families, meet neighbors, friends, reach personal goals, and now PLAY with the addition of the revolutionary Interactive Gym,” states Mark Westover, CEO of the YMCA.


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