Lu Interactive Gym Playground for Schools

Lu Interactive Gym Playground for Schools

Lu Interactive Gym Playground for Schools

Lu Interactive transforms any gym into a giant video game using interactive video projection, lights and sounds. We believe in active play, and active learning. While playing LÜ, senses, body and mind are always running at full speed.

LÜ is a smart space that understands in real time the behaviors and interactions of people within it. Using the information coming from ceiling mounted 3D cameras, we drive games and tools projected on the wall. We also integrate synchronized lighting and sound effects for a better immersion, in real time.

Gym class that's like 'stepping into a video game'

Lü comes in three pre-assembled modules rigged to ceiling, for each interactive wall.

We also offer a mobile version of the single wall system that comes with a tripod that can be installed in less than 20 minutes.

One interactive wall. Ideal for smaller spaces.

Two interactive walls. A completely immersive experience for larger groups

The ideal solution to enjoy the Lu experience at different locations

Lü is an interactive playground that uses lights, sounds and video to transform any gym into an engaging, immersive video game.


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Lü Interactive Gym Enhances Learning, Play and Physical Activity at Schools

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  • Edwin Kasanders