Banish Boredom with Beam Projection Games!

Banish Boredom with Beam Projection Games!

Transform your space with Iinteractive Beam Projection game that will keep kids active and entertained for hours. Beam’s extensive library of over 100 games (with new games added monthly) includes educational, social and active intriguing games to banish boredom and keep kids from ages 2 and up engaged.

The sleek design and modern technology allows the game to be played in four different set ups – floor, wall, table and avatar modes which means no special flooring is needed to play!

Beam’s advanced optical sensors allow players to engage in physical play by using hand- eye coordination, body movements, and touching displayed images so no joystick or controllers are necessary!

Beam Projector Games is a maintenance free system making it ideal and hassle free for business owners. Simply connect your unit to a WIFI or LAN cable and you’re ready to start playing. Additionally, Beam by Eyeclick Is budget friendly includes 30 games to get you started with many more to purchase later so that everyone can bring the fun into their business!

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