tWall Advanced Interactive Wall

tWALL Advanced Interactive Fitness Game Wall

Why tWall Interactive?

The interactive gameplay motivates users to react as quickly as possible when the lights on the board illuminate to turn them out!

A unique reaction trainer for cardio, speed and agility training. The Twall uses lights and sounds at differing paces for a competitive workout.

Using props such as Sandbells, med balls, and cords players perform loaded movement training to the cues provided by the interactive lights and sounds for a full body strength and cardio workout.

Your aging members will want cognitive programs. tWall is the first step in creating a Brain Fitness space in your facility.

Stimulation and improvement of motor and sensomotor skills. Training of coordination, gross and fine motor skills.

Social Fitness and creating a community for your members. 

tWALL Brings Engaging Fitness Gamification to Everyone.
Fitness Gaming is a combination of the movement of Fitness and the engagement of Gaming. Fitness Gaming is diverse, motivating, rewarding, fun and social.


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    tWALL Fitness Exercise Programs: Included with your purchase of tWALL from Axtion Fitness Games is a database of exercise programs, challenges and workouts of the week.