YMCA’s take active stance in Kids Education

YMCA’s take active stance in Kids Education

In line with the success that YMCA’s have with the local communities, they are also playing an important role in our Children’s Education. YMCA locations have a vision to tackle the whole child development, a concept encompassing all facets of a kid’s development; physical, intellectual and social-emotional.

Lu Interactive is a product being installed at YMCA’s across the country. Lu transforms traditional after-school environments into immersive and interactive spaces using a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world-class audiovisual equipment.

“We believe having a more solid curriculum-based foundation backed by international educational principles and standards will prove a great asset.

For us to have a stronger impact on education, we defined a new creative process involving the concept of the whole children: mind, body and soul.

This “whole child concept” which is the driving force behind our actual and upcoming work and philosophy, is subdivided into more than 50 categories and executive functions. Those categories and functions will cover the full spectrum of the common cores, and most advanced international curriculum standards.” Vincent Routhier, Founder and CEO Lu Interactive.

Recent YMCA locations in New York, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, California have been utilizing the Lu Interactive Playground Gym in their programing for all ages and all abilities. They offer daycare programs like GoNoodle, Tween, Teen, Adult fitness and boot camps, and Senior Fitness Classes.

How Does Lü Work?

Lu is typically installed as a UNO version, which is a single system in the ceiling. A Mobile version is also offered and a DUO, double system synced together to allow multiplayer opponent gameplay on a larger playground.

Video games are projected on the wall. Kids play the games by throwing balls onto the wall to hit target objects. Scores are then tracked and recorded by a 3D camera. Coupled with the perfectly synchronized lighting and sound system of its own, Lu Interactive creates for the players a totally immersive and wondrous space filled with adventures and excitements.

The following video will give you some basic demonstrations of how it works.

Lu Interactive turns a typical multi purpose space into a Giant Interactive Playground by projecting video games on a wall. Kids play the games by throwing/ kicking balls onto the wall to hit target objects.



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Lu Interactive Playground Gym at Geneva Lakes YMCA, Wisconsin

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