tWALL - Does it Make You Sweat?

tWALL - Does it Make You Sweat?

tWALL Brings Engaging Fitness Gamification to Everyone.

Does it make you sweat?
Fitness Gaming is a combination of the movement of Fitness and the engagement of Gaming. Fitness Gaming is diverse, motivating, rewarding, fun and social.

Fitness Games produce completely new and unforeseen technology to the fitness industry, which in return stirs up interest, awe and questions. Is fitness gaming real fitness? Can it even make you sweat? How does it differentiate from traditional exercise?

Just a few minutes of practice with the tWall can make you sweat and your heart race increase. By choosing the right games and sufficiently challenging modes, a 20-minute play session can burn a lot of calories and improve muscular conditioning and oxygen uptake. The game content designed with the help of fitness professionals challenges the body diversely and refreshes the mind.

Gaming brings variety to traditional exercise by diversifying the range of motion and improving cognitive skills. Using one's body as a controller in the virtual environments challenges coordination skills and develops spatial awareness. Playing also benefits memory and deduction.

tWall creates an unforeseen social dimension to gyms, schools and public spaces. Interaction and sense of community will increase significantly as more and more time is spent together in the form of exercise and gaming.

WATCH THIS VIDEO and you will see an example of just a few of the many exercises you can perform on the tWall lnteractive.

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  • Edwin Kasanders