PlayBall Exercise Clips

PlayBall Exercise Clips

Use PlayBall with hundreds of common ball exercises. The unique game mechanism enables you also to choose, invent or practice your own exercises!

PlayBall Smart Sensor measures 2 primary components with countless variations:

1) Pressure. This measures strength.

Typical use is to Squeeze and release, or to Squeeze - hold and release. You can control the amount of pressure required and the user can take a strength test to determine progress.

Users can squeeze the ball, push the ball against another surface, hug the ball, squeeze between legs, and more.

2) Movement. This measures range of motion.

Typical use is to use a horizontal surface like a table or the floor, or to use on a vertical surface like a Wall. Users can apply slight pressure to activate the movement and increase as strength increases.

Apply force on the ball from different angles to achieve a hand-wrist-shoulder activity

 Apply force on the ball from different angles in push-up position 

Isometric chest-press activity to strengthen arms shoulders and core muscles

Ball-on-wall shoulder activity. Roll the ball in a circle movement while pressing towards the wall

Patient after distal radius fracture doing her wrist press activity

Isometric ball press activity for arms strengthening

Proprioceptive work for lower limbs and balance

Squeezing activity for strengthening hand and grip


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  • Edwin Kasanders