iWall Fitness at Jamerson Family YMCA, Lynchburg VA

iWall Fitness at Jamerson Family YMCA, Lynchburg VA

The iWall Immersive Game wall was recently installed at the Jamerson Family YMCA in the KidzGym and family fitness area. The Jamerson YMCA already had a MagixFloor Interactive Projection Game System for the younger kids and by adding the iWall they complemented this great activity area for kids and families.

The iWall comes with four preloaded games – Parkour, Shadow Master, Space Shooter, and Deepsea Dash. Space Shooter tests the players' upper body endurance, while Shadow Master challenges their body control. Parkour challenges players to race across virtual skyscraper rooftops and find the best route to beat other players. Players can move left or right to avoid obstacles and they can crouch, jump or use zip lines to find the best possible route. Additionally, running in place increases the avatar's speed remarkably, which is the key factor in determining the winner.

"It is Awesome! Our kids and families love playing the iWall games, and the games make you sweat."

Traci Williams – KidzGym Supervisor, Jamerson Family YMCA, Lynchburg VA

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iWall Fitness at Jamerson Family YMCA, Lynchburg VA.


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