iWALL - Applications (Schools, Fitness Clubs, Travel & Leisure, Activity Parks, Rehabilitation, Airports, Museums, Shopping malls.)

iWALL - Applications (Schools, Fitness Clubs, Travel & Leisure, Activity Parks, Rehabilitation, Airports, Museums, Shopping malls.)

An Utimate Fitness Gaming Solution

iWall is a joyful and versatile product, which combines several fitness games that can be simultaneously played by up to two players. Playing is fun and motivating for both children and adults. Thanks to its diverse game content, iWall can be used for efficient training, break workouts or family fun. Regardless of intent, playing is always fun and exciting!

Where is iWall?

Diversity, accessibility and compact size does it.
Diverse game content, accessibility and compact size, makes iWall suitable for almost any situation. Use it in the gym or fitness club as part of your warm up and let it bring variety to your training. iWall is perfect for kids joining their parents in the gym and it lets them exercise in a fun and familiar way. It´s also a perfect match for hotels, shopping malls, airports and schools. iWall attracts students and encourages them to move together, giving them an interactive and social exercise experience that includes physical- as well as other benefits that can be verified even after a short amount of time.


Less sitting, more interaction
iWall creates a new a highly motivating possibility for students of all ages to exercise together. It brings physical activity to school days and increases interaction among all the students regardless of age or gender. During recess, the use of iWall creates a positive effect in terms of social engagement as well as physical exercise.

iWall efficiently improves the player's fitness level while also increasing cognitive and motor skills, balance and coordination. The children and teenagers with less interest in sports and exercise are easier to activate with the aid of iWall.

Fitness Games / Active games have been known to improve children’s academic performance. However, unlike many other forms of exercise that are also for them, fitness games, like iWALL, is also an activity that children tend to enjoy. Because fitness / active games are designed to engage kids in a video game, one that requires them to perform physical tasks in order to score points and move from one level to the next, children tend to take to them pretty quickly.


iWall takes your training to a whole new level. It brings long awaited variety to warm up routines and creates new workout methods for your members across all fitness levels and ages.

Go for a warm up run across the Manhattan Rooftops in Parkour together with your friend or choose single player mode and try to outrun the virtual opponent.

Join your kid in a game of Space Shooter and smash meteorites and space debris while getting a core and upper body workout.

Need stretching and mobility or just a slow and calm start before you hit the class?
No worries, just mimic the Sensei in Shadow Master.

No matter what kind of training you're looking to do, iWall is there to get you going and give you a new way to improve and challenge you.

A truly positive thing we are seeing with iWall, is that it brings parents and kids together in the gym or club in a fun and social way that actually reinforces the teamwork and connection between them. We have parents saying that after trying iWall with their kids, they've gotten a better understanding of how their kids are learning and improving certain skills by playing video games.

If you want to know more about iWall and how we can help you engage and motivate your members in a fun and new way, contact us through email.


In activity and fitness parks, iWall brings in more interaction and gaming in the form of playful contests. Even the smallest family members can use iWall independently, but playing is engaging and rewarding for all ages. That's why iWall is the perfect tool for bringing the family together.

iWall can be the centerpiece for various family-friendly events and competitions, offering the park new attractions and prospects. iWall tends to attract large groups of park visitors, because it has no restrictions when it comes to age, skill or fitness. The highest scores can be achieved either by cooperation or competition, therefore iWall offers both playful challenges and shared successes.


When you want to offer your customers more active leisure experiences

iWall lets you stand out from competition and improve customer experience in hotels, airports, cruise ships and more.

Use iWall as a way to create new recreational and exercise possibilities to enclosed areas, such as waiting rooms, hallways and play rooms. .

iWall is the perfect way for your customers to let loose and get moving again after a long day at work. Use it as the perfect playdate for kids staying in your hotel. It fits anywhere.

Playing is fun for all ages and even the younger kids can play on their own. iWall doesn't require instructors and it can easily be the centerpiece for family-friendly events.


Make the most of your space.

In public places, such as malls and libraries, iWall offers new possibilities for space and increased client flow. Quiet lobbies and waiting rooms can be transformed into lively and cheery spots with happy families and friends playing together.

iWall can be used to direct - and even increase - client flows. iWall can be integrated with a smart card reader, which enables stores and coffee houses to sell or distribute game time for smart cards. This way client flow can be guided to various places and bring in new customers.


Motivating rehabilitation for everyone

iWall brings all-new exercises and methods to rehabilitation. It creates variety in rehabilitation exercises and enables new workout methods for people of all ages. Playing is easy and motivating due to the gamified elements, and playing together is really fun. Several games can also be played in a wheelchair.

iWall can be used for improving mobility, strength and body control or to sharpen balance, coordination and reaction speed. Games have different degrees of difficulty and duration, which can be chosen based on the client's condition.

Why Fitness Gaming?

Fitness gaming, or active gaming, combines two very popular concepts: video games and fitness. Studies show that people play interactive games for a number of reasons: to have fun, dance, stay fit, meet other people, or simply to enjoy the challenge of the game itself. No matter what the reason, players reap a number of benefits that are intrinsic to each of these activities: the health benefits of exercise and the improved cognitive skills that develop as a positive side-effect of video gaming.  READ MORE





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