Houston Texas School District Installs a LU Interactive Gym

Houston Texas School District Installs a LU Interactive Gym

Lu Gym blends play with learning

South Belt Elementary School (Pasadena ISD, Houston TX) officials are saying the district is among the first in the state to integrate “interactive playground” technology into school physical-education curriculum this school year.

In addition to traditional physical-education lesson plans that might seek to teach and engage students in multiple activities, the teachers will be adding interactive electronic games that require movement and challenge students’ learning in classroom subjects ranging from English, to history and mathematics.

The Lu Interactive Playground, installed by Axtion Technology, Palatine IL) has been installed in school gymnasiums around the country, and in after-school programs at YMCA's, JCC's, Boys & Girls Clubs, Park Districts & Recreation Centers, and Health Clubs.

It allows teachers to project electronic images onto walls that serve as a sort of “touch screen” for students to throw rubber balls at targets as far as 15 feet away.

The screen is 19' Wide x 11' Tall, with an incredible sound and lighting system that can be used for many events outside of P.E. ###

"Everyone's having a blast with the Lu system."

"This is so great. Non-stop activity for the kids."

"My LU got installed this morning! So excited to use it with my kiddos!"


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