Alternatives to iWALL Fitness to Save Money


The Iwall Fitness Interactive Game made by CSE Fitness in Finland looks like a good product at first glance. The games look good, they are fun, and they use a big screen TV to display the games.

But, the Iwall Fitness system is very expensive, it has limited number of games and levels, and the users will get bored after the first few months.

The last thing you want is an expensive TV in your facility.

Don’t let your interactive space look like this:

Iwall Fitness Not being used 

With anything, you should ask previous customers what they think about the purchase of the Iwall Fitness game.

Ask Previous Customers!

There is some alternatives to the Iwall Fitness system that you should look at.

IWall Fitness Alternatives:

Lu Interactive. If you have the space then for a cost a little more than IWall, you can get a full-featured Game & Education Wall.

Lu Interactive Gym

Obie Projection Wall. For a low Budget, you can get a Obie Projection game system with 25 games for ¼ of the cost of Iwall Fitness. Obie is especially great fort kids 10 and younger. Obie Projection allows you to play ‘Avator’ mode to mimic the movements of a Kinect Sensor.

Obie Beam Projection

Xbox Kinect and Large Screen. For an off the shelf solution you can get a Xbox and Kinect game system and hook it up to a 65” TV. The games are create3d by studios that spend.
IWall Fitness uses the exact same Kinect from Xbox.

Kinect Games better than Iwall Fitness

Iwall Fitness Reviews

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  • Edwin Kasanders