4Active with Active Pad Technology

4Active with Active Pad Technology

4Active is an innovative product that develops reaction speed, motor skills and balance. Play together with friends or family, up to 4 players.

Activate Your Body & Mind
4Active offers great cognitive and physical activation for kids.
4Active is a 1-4 player exergame system using a ActivePad (a hi-tech step/dance mat style interface) to control the game play. With incredible high-definition (UDH 4K) graphics and fun game for mutli-player, the 4Active fitness game system will entertain all ages, from young kids, teens, adults and seniors.
The immersive games will give the users hours of fun, friendly play, while be active all the time.

Play Together with Friends and Family
4Active promotes kids’ cognitive and physical activation. 4Active brings a new twist to the classic dance pad interface. It includes numerous multiplayer games controlled with ActivePad, which is a hi-tech dance pad-like interface.

Games include:
GridSoccer: Team play with scores.
PoolParty: Wipeout style games.
King of Foods: Collect and avoid food.
Neon: Futuristic sky surfer avoids obstacles, jump.
Parkour: Race on rooftops.
And more…

4Active Games

King of Food is an adorable multiplayer game in which player is controlling sympathetic avatar character by using Active Pad’s arrow buttons. Players collect fruits and they have to avoid poisonous mushrooms and try not to fall into the water. Game is easy to play and suits for children up from 4 years. It also have strategic dimension which will keep game interesting for older players to play it again for many times.

Neon is a futuristic multiplayer game in which player control the sky surfer character and try to avoid the obstacles on the road, gain points by collecting items and having longer jumps. Keeping the speed as high as possible helps to beat the other players!  The target group is between 8-24 years.

Parkour is a Speedy multiplayer game in which players task is to race on top of the skyscrapers rooftops. Player controls the game by using Active pad arrows to avoid obstacles by changing position to left and right, and up and down. Player can jump, crouch and use the zip lines to find the best routes. To achieve the best possible result player has to find the best route from many alternative routes.


4Active is designed for 1 to 4 players and combines Ultra High Definition graphics with top quality immersive games to challenge and develop children's physical and cognitive skills. The games are suitable for small children, but also compelling for adults. Players can choose to play them by themselves or in multiplayer mode. (Fitness-Gaming.com)

Package Includes:
4 x Activepad Controllers
4 x 55” TV Screen
4 x Gaming PC & Software
3 x Preloaded Games

Internet Connection
Area needed for playing: 4.3 x 2.5 meters (18 x 8 feet)

Warranty & Support
1 Year Hardware and Activepad Warranty
1 Year Online Technical Support
Remote Diagnostics

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